Sunday, 13 April 2014

Spring has sprung!

It seems as though that spring has finally sprung in the GTA! It definitely couldn't have come any sooner! The hockey season is winding down, and the kids are longing for those dog days of summer. To be honest, I'm dreaming of them too - life always seems easier when the sun is out, accompanied by a cool breeze - and of course, a glass of wine, or two, or three (depending on the week LOL)

But I digress. 

Not only are we winding down the school year, this is also the time to start planing for September! So, I've officially started to upload my lesson plans and worksheets for Grade 4 onto; a useful website where teachers are able to upload their own worksheets and lesson plans for purchase. The link to my store is here:

I am sill in the process of uploading all my lesson plans, but  it's a process, so please, bear with me :-) Also, everything uploaded is what I've done with my son, so they were successfully used in a learning environment. All of the content is based on the requirements and expectations of the ministry of education for the province. 

Please note that I can do any other lesson plan for all elementary subjects (as well as history and English high school courses) from any other province, whether it's an entire unit, or a specific chapter. I do all my own research, and can completely customize it to fit your child's interest. My son absolutely loves Minecraft and hockey, so I incorporate those into every lesson for him. When you get kids to relate, you get them to learn. 

I know I'm pitching myself here, but hey, the internet is all about shameless self-advertisement! lol 

If you would like a sample of my writing, lesson plans, worksheets - anything - I can totally offer that to you! All my work is based on my own research (of course from credible sources; learned a LONG time ago that wikepedia is NOT meant to be the basis of ones research lol). 

I'm available via email if you have any questions, or just need someone to vent to. Raising children is tough, being a mother/ father AND a teacher is even harder. But we're all focused on the end result: raising the best kids we can :-)

Thanks for taking the time to read this! 


Ms. Fusion

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